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GLOBE Student Vlogger Update

Photo of the GLOBE Student Vloggers during a virtual meeting

Have you been following along with GLOBE’s 12 Student Vloggers (video bloggers)? Vlog-style videos are filmed, in part, “selfie-style” in order to help you journey along with them as they explore and engage in the world of GLOBE.

Since the launch of the series on the GLOBE YouTube channel, the vloggers have all completed their first set of vlogs! The second set of vlogs from each of the students are now coming out weekly. The student vloggers are continuing to meet monthly with GIO staff for training and student presentations.

In August, both the GIO Director, Dr. Tony Murphy, and the GIO Assistant Director, Dr. Denise "Skye" Yost, joined in to meet and greet the vloggers. They spoke highly of the efforts of the students and encouraged them as well. 

"Thank you for all your work for The GLOBE Program,” Dr. Tony Murphy said, “and for engaging others in, and with, the program. GLOBE is stronger because of you and your videos. I wish you luck with your videos for the rest of this experience.”

To watch, or to watch again, the vloggers episodes, click here. (Be sure to subscribe to the channel to receive notifications when the latest episode is released.)


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office