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GLOBE Students: Produce a Video for the Spotlite Video Challenge: Cloud Detectives and/or Land Detectives

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GLOBE Educators: NASA wants your team of student content producers to produce a video for the NASA eClips™ website. The video challenge engages students in doing activities that can help change their misconceptions about a topic in science. Each tab on the challenge website provides the information and resources needed to produce a NASA Spotlite video.

 Two challenges will be of particular interest to GLOBE schools: Cloud Detectives and Land Detectives. Student teams will produce a video (up to two minutes) confronting a misconception related to either clouds (all clouds produce rain or clouds are made of gas) or land cover (land cover doesn’t change or the land cover of an area doesn’t matter), by investigating and collecting evidence, including GLOBE Clouds and NASA data.

To learn more, click here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Cloud Detectives” or “Land Detectives.”)

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office