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GLOBE Thanks Everyone Who Participated in the 2021 GLOBE Annual Meeting!

The 2021 GLOBE Annual Meeting banner, with mountains, birds, and flowers in the background

The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2021 GLOBE Annual Meeting. Your continued dedicated participation in the program is the key to GLOBE’s enduring educational and scientific success.

"Anecdotal comments that I received from the outset of the meeting: community members were excited about the format, content, and overall organization of the meeting. As GIO’s second foray into virtual meetings, and from everything that I can tell, the meeting seems to be successful and certainly met the goals that we had developed for it.” GIO Director Dr. Tony Murphy said. “One of the aspects that we planned for here was that the meeting would be far more interactive than last year’s virtual meeting. And, as we all have been involved in so many virtual meetings in our everyday work, it was important to us that interaction would be increased significantly over the last meeting. We believe that we achieved that from the comments we have heard so far.” 

“In addition, given the challenges around time zones and creating this interaction, GIO began the meeting earlier in the morning (U.S. Mountain Time for staff) and planned to cover as much as possible in the next 5-6 hours, coming back later in the evening for networking sessions. I would like to thank all the GIO staff for being flexible in accommodating this change to previous meetings. In addition, a large number of presentations were pre-recorded to avoid both time and technology issues, and it also allowed these to be captioned for the diverse audiences that we serve in the community,” Dr. Murphy said.

“So given all this, as community members, you all heard updates from GIO, the technology team at SSAI, and again we featured the program sponsors in a Question-and-Answer session. The U.S. Partners and Country Coordinators met in joint session again this year to discuss further possible collaboration. Students from the International Virtual Science Symposium also had the opportunity to present their research through the Student Showcase.”

“However, what excited most people, I believe, was the number of Community Presentations that took place as part of the meeting,” Dr. Murphy said. “It again solidifies for me the great work that you all do wherever you are in a GLOBE country, and sharing your good work only makes the program and us all stronger. This is even more amazing given that we continue to face challenges, both personal and professional, with this pandemic.”

“Putting the annual meeting together, as GIO does each year, is no small task and we rely on you, our community, to be there to assist in specific tasks. This was never clearer than this year, and the success of the meeting was a result of this collaboration.  I would like to thank all of you involved in the planning of this meeting, as well as presenting during the meeting; and the GIO staff for its dedication to ensuring it all came together, without YOU all this meeting could not happen. Finally, a huge thank you to all who attended the meeting, many for the first time, I hope that you found the meeting productive, engaging – and are looking forward to the next GLOBE Annual Meeting.”

Photo of a chalkboard that reads "Thank You"


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office