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GLOBE Thanks Everyone Who Participated in the 2022 GLOBE Annual Meeting!

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The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2022 GLOBE Annual Meeting. Your continued dedicated participation in the program is the key to GLOBE’s enduring educational and scientific success. The theme of the meeting, which took place from 25-28 July, was “Communicating GLOBE in Changing Times.” The meeting had 291 participants from 58 GLOBE countries across all six regions!

"This has been a challenging year and one which many thought would be easier as we seem to emerge from the pandemic. And that expectation is not the reality......however, the GLOBE Annual Meeting showed, yet again, that this program (and the people it attracts) can, and does in many cases, go beyond expectations,” GIO Director Dr. Tony Murphy said. 

“For the third year, GLOBE's Annual Meeting went virtual and this year there seems to be a new spirit in the community, a spirit that points to the emergence from the pandemic and a return to some type of normality, even though it may be a new normal. Part of that is the many events and meetings are returning to in person or hybrid meetings. And so too are some GLOBE meetings, but we are doing it at the pace of the region, in consultation with GIO, and various people on the ground. So while some of the remaining regional meetings this year are planning to be in-person, I would like to announce that next year's GLOBE Annual Meeting will be an in-person event (unless of course the health risks are too great) and likely to have hybrid elements. More details will be shared in the fall; however, it will take place in Denver, Colorado, USA, in mid-July.”

“This year’s meeting was a wonderful meeting, and I would like to thank all the presenters –  many, many of them from the community sharing their good work. I'd also like to thank the keynotes, the students on the panels, students and teachers, the Country Coordinators, the U.S. Partners, the IOC, and numerous other community members for their help. I would like to thank the Working Groups, the Regional Coordination Offices, the Data Information System team, the GLOBE Observer teams, the sponsors for their dedication to ensure the program continues and thrives, and especially the GIO staff – those who put in endless hours prior to the meeting, as well as during the event, to make sure it ran smoothly, and those who worked primarily in the office over the week, thank you for keeping that humming. And, finally, a thank you to all of you for staying up late at night or getting up in the wee hours of the morning to join us 'live' – Thank You! As I said above, The GLOBE Program is often one of the few things in my life where reality not alone meets the expectations that we have set, but blows them out of the water!  And this is because of ALL of YOU and because of the great work that you do for the program and for each other as part of this members of this GLOBE family.”

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office



I am so proud to be part of this wonderful community,  Long live GLOBE!

I'm very grateful to be among this wonderful association.More grease to your elbows

Thank you Tony for your undying support, optimism, and for serving as our leader in these challenging times.