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If you haven’t had a chance to read the most recent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) blogs, perhaps today is the day to catch up!

In September, the following blogs were posted:

  • “Making Science Culturally Relevant at Sunridge Middle School” – This blog, written by Rosalba Giarratano, discusses current efforts at Sunridge Middle School in Pendleton, Oregon, USA. “ I had the pleasure to meet Jodie Harnden a few days ago,” Rosalba said in the blog. “We were introduced by my former mentor, Dr. Margaret Pippin, who leads GLOBE’s U.S. Air Quality Student Research Campaign. Jodie is a teacher at Sunridge Middle School, in Pendleton, OR. She has been a GLOBE teacher since 2010 and has always looked for ways to teach science by having their students ‘DO SCIENCE’! Jodie and her students have been particularly involved in researching air quality, and Jodie shared with me how it has been a bit surprising for her students to discover that even though wildfires cause air quality issues in their area, the worst conditions actually happen during the winter due to the use of wood stoves! Students use the GLOBE Aerosols protocol that involves measuring aerosol optical thickness with a sun photometer. They also analyze air quality data from other sources such as Air Now, EPA, Oregon Air, and Purple Air monitors.” To read the entire blog, click here.
  • “Bringing Down Language Access Barriers: First Steps.” This blog, written by Cassie Soeffing, discusses remote working and the associated challenges. “Remote working and remote learning presented challenges to us all,” Cassie said in the blog. “As a Master Trainer in Colombia, Juan Felipe Restrepo Mesa faced and overcame his share of challenges when working with a new group of educators from rural areas.  Most of the training material and the tests that need to be answered were in English. This, of course, means that citizen scientists who do not speak English were prevented from making their contributions living in those areas where GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper's contributions are essential.” To read the entire blog, click here.

 To read other recent Community/STEM Professional blogs, click here.

The blog is an online collaborative effort where community members and scientists associated with GLOBE post their thoughts, comments, and philosophies about a variety of science topics. GLOBE strongly encourages positive and productive discussions to further advance the scientific understanding of all involved with The GLOBE Program.


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