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Prepare for the Launch of GOES-R with the Countdown Calendar

Satellite science is fun for everyone! From weather and hazards on Earth to search and rescue and bursts of energy from the sun, the GOES-R satellite represents the next-generation of weather satellites and will see it all from 22,000 miles above the Earth.

Watch: "Meet GOES-R” a fun animation that tells the story of NASA and NOAA’s next geostationary operational weather satellite.


Prepare for the launch of GOES-R scheduled for 4 November 2016, and become involved in, this exciting  mission by downloading this “Countdown Calendar.” In this calendar, you will find general facts about satellites and specific facts about GOES-R. You can use most of the activities/questions as class discussion starters on the days leading up to the launch. It is bound to excite students about the launch and subsequesnt use of GOES-R by scientists!

Additional Resources to help you prepare for the launch of GOES-R can be found at the Education Proving Ground and on the GLOBE website here.



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