Davis Automated Weather Station Update

Davis Instruments has updated the capability to share data from automated weather stations with GLOBE. If you have a Davis automated weather station or are considering one, now you can send your daily weather data to GLOBE using Davis Instruments' IP or subscription service.

After you set up your instrument and subscription service to collect data at 15 minute intervals your daily weather data, such as maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation data, will be available to view on the GLOBE website within 1 to 2 days.

This data will be valuable not only for your own research but for scientist associated with GLOBE's collaborating satellite missions.

Just provide your GLOBE school ID, site ID, and email address with Davis Instruments' Weatherlink subscription service or WeatherlinkIP software and you'll be on your way to furthering environmental literacy and stewardship and promoting scientific discovery for all.

Please note: If you have any type of automated instrument, why not double check that your data are being sent to the GLOBE database.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


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