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Koninklijk Atheneum Tienen, Tienen, Belgium

Congratulations to GLOBE Students Cindy Demeulemeester, Olivier Maurice, and Joris Lochy -- winners in the Dirk Frimout Contest, a yearly science competition in Belgium for pupils in the last year of high school. The students presented a 300 page report discussing their research in atmosphere, hydrology, land cover, and soils and the relationship between all of these areas of study.

"These students have been lucky that there exists a GLOBE Program in which they could take the challenge of being creative in their work and of gaining experience in materials they can use in their university studies," GLOBE Teacher Jules Robijns said. "They learned a lot of things they otherwise never had learned in the high school."

In July 1998, Olivier presented an abstract of the winning report at the GLOBE Learning Expedition in Helsinki, Finland. They also demonstrated the extensive web site he and his fellow students have created. Visit the Koninklijk Atheneum Tienen website, a link from their GLOBE School Information page.

10 September 1998