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GLOBE Stars of the Czech Republic

Congratulations to the Czech Republic GLOBE Team for their most recent initiative -- The GLOBE Business Partnership. This program was originally initiated to encourage businesses to financially support the GLOBE program at the national or school level.

The first agreement of the Business Partnership was signed by the Renaissance Hotel in Prague. Mr. Zuri, the hotels general manager, invited GLOBE students to conduct an environmental audit of the hotel to identify areas where improvements were needed. During their visit at the Renaissance, the students enjoyed hands-on experience that provided a connection between the environment and business. In addition, the students were treated to a free nights stay in the hotel.

At a press conference, the students presented the results of their audit and recognized the support of Mr. Zuri and the Renaissance Hotel. The hotel also received a certificate by the Minister of the Environment, Mr. Jiri Skalicky, recognizing its commitment to the environment.

The GLOBE Business Partnership is an excellent model for building business support for GLOBE while also enhancing environmental awareness.

11 November 1998