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Thailand GLOBE: Quick and Creative Start

Neither delays nor barriers have gotten in the way of GLOBE-Thailand's quick and creative start of the Program.

Soon after Thai trainers attended the GLOBE International Training Conference in Nepal, they translated the entire Teacher's Guide and all the training charts into the Thai language.

When the Ban Yang Soong school needed an instrument shelter, a creative janitor who believes in recycling took parts of old tables and broken chairs, wire mesh, some spare paint and built a quality shelter to GLOBE specifications.

"The instrument shelter was a creative example of how cost-effective any school can be when they want to participate in this program," said GLOBE Country Coordinator Dr. Pornpun Waitayangkoon.

In yet another creative approach, Ban Yang Soong school recruited 14 older secondary school volunteer students who live nearby to mentor the younger students in science using GLOBE.

"I like GLOBE activities. They are fun and useful. I would like to participate in GLOBE until I graduate," said one younger student. Added another: "I would be able to use the knowledge from GLOBE activities to solve daily-life problems, especially in agriculture."

GLOBE-Thailand has created a lively Thai GLOBE webpage ( They also have held teacher training workshops with the help of local scientists, school officials, and IPST Ministry support.

30 May 2001