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GLOBE Teacher Receives Prize for Environmental Education Work in Chile

On 22 October 2009, GLOBE Professor Raúl Pérez Orellana accepted an award for his work in environmental education in Chile. Pérez Orellana received recognition at a special event in honor of Environmental Leader Day, having acquired nomination through his contributions to environmental education.

Raúl Pérez Orellana accepting award for environmental achievements
Raúl Pérez Orellana accepting award
for environmental achievements

According to Manfredo Langer, GLOBE international master trainer and deputy country coordinator for Chile, "Pérez's research produced educational materials, investigations, and training models for students and teachers focusing on implementing the GLOBE Program on national and international scales." Throughout the ceremony, organizations that help improve conditions related to poverty in the country received special mention and seven social leaders accepted awards for their contributions.

Government authorities and environmental leaders of the Metropolitan Region of Chile attended this event to acknowledge Pérez Orellana's voluntary work, accomplished on behalf of children and youth in Chile, and to focus on environmental issues. Langer commended Pérez Orellana's accomplishment, stating that his "important work" in Chile "is a great example for other dedicated GLOBE teachers in different parts of our country." Chilean leaders, attending the Environmental Leader Day event, signed a declaration delivered to Chile President Michelle Bachelet, explaining their commitments and views pertaining to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

Pérez Orellana currently serves on GLOBE Chile's technical specialist team, organized by Langer and implements GLOBE in Chilean schools through established curriculum and citizen science programs.

Pérez Orellana educating youth in Chile
Pérez Orellana educating youth in Chile

GLOBE Chile prioritizes the incorporation of GLOBE research activities and scientific protocols into programs focusing on citizen empowerment; this precedence expands early awareness among Chilean citizens regarding the harmful effects of climate change and contributes to informed decision making that may ultimately lead to mitigation of this world problem. GLOBE Chile's approach mirrors Chile's National Environmental Commission (CONAMA) collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which promotes watershed management in Chile's Tinguiririca River and the Perúvien Cotahuasi River communities where Pérez Orellana recently held a workshop to train teachers on how to implement many of GLOBE's hydrology protocols.

Langer praises Pérez Orellana's achievement as a model for other "dedicated GLOBE teachers" in Chile, stating "GLOBE Chile welcomes this recognition of Mr. Pérez for his important work in our country." The GLOBE Program Office congratulates Pérez Orellana, as well as the entire GLOBE Chile Team, for their work and dedication to promoting student research in Chile.

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25 January 2010