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GLOBE Students in Bahrain Learn the Importance of Land Cover Research

Over 170 students and teachers in the Kingdom of Bahrain attended a series of GLOBE training workshops in October 2011 focused on Atmosphere, Land Cover and data entry to promote active participation in GLOBE's Intensive Observing Periods (IOPs).

Events began on 4 October 2011, when 92 students from 28 intermediate and secondary level schools attended a workshop at Hamad Town Intermediate and Secondary Girls Schools focused on Atmosphere and Data Entry training. Team members from the Ministry of Education collaborated with experienced GLOBE students and trainers to conduct the workshop. A Land Cover training for GLOBE Primary Schools followed on 18 October 2011, including.85 students and teachers from 11 schools. The introductory session was held at the GLOBE Center for Technology and Renewable Energy at the Ministry of Education. After a brief welcome, Country Coordinator Wafa Bin Dayna summarized the accomplishments of the GLOBE Program in Bahrain, its birth, history, and annual activities and achievements. Trainers then divided participants into three groups and led them through field activities utilizing basic Land Cover and GPS protocols at various study sites on school property. The hands-on training was followed by data entry instruction and a final wrap-up discussion of their findings.

For Bahrain, the main objectives in the implementation of GLOBE Atmosphere and Land Cover protocols are:

· To increase the number of students implementing research in an effort to improve Land

  Cover classifications for the Student Climate Research Campaign;

· To increase awareness and understanding of the Earth as a system; and

· To improve understanding of the sustainable development of natural resources.

GLOBE teachers in Bahrain are encouraged to prepare short or long-term student studies that focus on the impact of Atmosphere and Land Cover data on climate change, and how those data compare with other schools, both local and international.

These workshops were held in conjunction with The Climate and Land Cover (CLC) Intensive Observing Period (IOP) that took place from 10-31October. This IOP was a research effort between GLOBE schools and climate scientists to improve land cover classifications for climate models. Using GLOBE Land Cover protocols, students took photographs, classified representative Land Cover areas near their schools, and uploaded these data to the GLOBE database.

Thank you to the GLOBE Bahrain team of coordinators and trainers who organized and made this event possible: GLOBE Country Coordinator Mrs. Wafa Mubarrak Bin Daynna, Deputy Country Coordinator Mrs. Siddiqa Abbas, Assistant Point of Contact Mrs. Ebtisam Abbas Alkhuzaie, Coordinator Assistant Seema Hussain Al Amri, GLOBE Trainers A. Amir Nasser, Fatima Al Shakhoori, A.Hameed A. Fatah, and Coordinator Assistant Ms. Sabreen Ali Al Rahma.

The next Climate and Land Cover Project Intensive Observing Period runs from 1-31 January 2012! Don't miss out on this opportunity to submit your local data and contribute to the accuracy of scientific climate models!

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