Why Citizen Science for Water Quality?

Water quality is a very important environmental variable that must be actively monitored. Water quality differs everywhere across the planet and is vital to human health and survival. One of the three ENSO Student Research Campaign's 'Guiding Investigative Questions' says, "What is the quality of water in our environment?" This question opens up a new level of observation, research, and action. Students from around the world are taking measurements through several GLOBE Protocol including, but not limited to:

Healthy water is water that can support and sustain life. “Water quality” is a blanket term for how the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of a water sample measure up to a set of standards. Water quality can be evaluated through a number of different tests such as color, odor, temperature, acidity, bacteria content, biological diversity, and many others.

The NASA Terra satellite helps us monitor water quality from space.  Check out "Why Citizen Science for Water Quality?"


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