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New Version of the Visualization System has been Released

A new version of the visualization system has been released that includes a much improved and simpler interface for teachers and students to find and visualize their data.  Improvements include:

Simplified Interface

  • Management tools for layers and filters have been place in a centralized location.

  • A cleaner top banner/navigation has been implemented with the date map always visible

Vis image 1

Improved Site Information Window

  • Plot data for both measurements and data counts is now immediately available for each measurement type on your site. Quickly get your plot data for the past 30 days, 1 year or create a custom plot date range

  • View portions or all of your data in a table in a single step

  • Easily add a site to a multi-site plot to compare data for up to 6 sites

  • Easily view your site and school information


vis image 2


vis 3 image



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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


Good Morning: To be brutally honest, my students and I just got used to the other "new" website. It was great to be able to take our data from the GLOBE site and convert it into an Excel file. This allowed us to analyze the data better. We are presently trying to add a site to do a multi-site plot but cannot figure out how to accomplish this. We understand you are doing your best to make the site easy and accessible but hope there are not too many more improvements to adjust to in the near future.
Appreciate your thoughts on this Robert - sometimes difficult to balance the demand for new features with the desire to keep things steady long enough for everyone to get used to the new features. Hopefully you'll find this new look is similar enough to the old, but a lot easier to use. We've put up some tutorials as well. If you have a minute, take a look at these to see how the new system works.

Thank you-