ENSO Stories

The H2YOU Project: Connecting Water To You

Like water, storytelling connects us to each other, and is central to our existence. H2YOU is a nonprofit organization that offers the opportunity for you to share your water stories with the world.

GLOBE has partnered with H2YOU to use the power of storytelling as a vehicle to understand how an ENSO event affects the local environmental, socioeconomic, and agricultural issues of a town, region, country, or entire continent. By sharing a personal story about ENSO, students from around the world can experience the phenomenon’s global impacts.

What’s your water story?

We are all affected by El Niño. Agriculture, fishing industries, and ocean biodiversity feel its toll. Its extreme weather patterns impact water temperature and precipitation.

  • How has your community or class been affected by El Niño in regards to water, or lack thereof?
  • How are you taking action to care for the environment? 

Stories can take the form of a personal narrative, poem, song, or piece of art. If you have a story related to sourcing water, drought, or flood, share your experience with the world.

Visit www.h2youproject.com to submit your water story. Be sure to include a note in your submission that you are participating in GLOBE’s ENSO Student Research Campaign.