Water's Impact

Water's Impact

Guiding Investigative Question 2: What impact does water, both above and below ground, have on our environment?

Here are a few sample questions that you and your students might want to focus on:

  • If we have a large rain event, will it flood?
  • Can we grow crops in our soil now?
  • Is my area prone to erosion and landslides?

Below are a few suggested GLOBE Protocols that will help you explore answers to the Water's Impact Guiding Investigative Question.

Learn more about how NASA studies the impact of water-both above and below ground.

Automating the Detection of Landslides

Before and After the Sunkosi Landslide

Landslide in Southern Kyrgyzstan

Landslide Buries Scenic California Highway

Severe Monsoon Rains Flood South Asia

Resources to use to teach about


Erosion and Landslides