About the Region

The primary role of Region Coordination Office is to conduct support services to the countries in their respective region.

In general, each Region Coordination Office is responsible to provide the following services:

  • Help Desk and basic support services to all community members in the region;
  • Identification and generation of external funding;
  • Dissemination of GLOBE and GIO communications and regionally-produced materials to community members;
  • Assistance with recruitment of new countries in collaboration with the GIO; 
  • Logistical organization of regional student research campaigns and any other events (including the Annual Region Meeting);
  • Building and collaborating with the region's Alumni and Scientist Network; and
  • Record keeping and evaluation reporting as required by the GIO.

2023 Country Reports Booklet - Europe and Eurasia region - download

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Other Members

Board Europe and Eurasia


The Board of Europe and Eurasia

Chair: Ms. Laura Altin - GLOBE Country Coordinator in Estonia

Co-Chair: Ms. Marcella van Steenbergen - GLOBE Deputy Country Coordinator in the Netherlands

Ms. Sanja Klubicka - GLOBE Deputy Country Coordinator in Croatia

Ms. Ramona Mercieca - GLOBE Deputy Country Coordinator in Malta

Ms. Aileen Bright - GLOBE Country Coordinator in Ireland

Mr. Zoran Petrov - GLOBE Country Coordinator in Slovenia