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Data Literacy Learning Activities

The Data Literacy Activities Toolkit is a collection of short learning activities designed to enhance and expand students' data literacy skills. The activities can easily be integrated into GLOBE teaching or training sessions.

The Toolkit covers the four Earth spheres: Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, and Pedosphere. The activities have been created based on the examples from teachers who have expertise in GLOBE, and do data analysis and interpretation as a part of their classroom practice. Each activity takes approximately 20-45 minutes.


Who is the toolkit for

The toolkit is intended for GLOBE teachers who want to introduce their students to data literacy skills at a beginner's level -suitable for elementary to high school students. Trainers can also use the activities during GLOBE teacher training to showcase the potential of enhancing student skills by using GLOBE data.


What you will find in the activities

Each activity contains questions for students (or trainees), a dataset to work with, and corresponding results. The introduction of each activity provides information about the topic, the target age group, the skills to be developed, and an overarching concept.


What you (don´t) need to do the activities

These activities are primarily designed for classroom use; thus, no specific GLOBE measurement tools or practical measurement skills are required. While a basic understanding of GLOBE measurements is helpful, extensive knowledge of the activity's topic is not necessary.

Download the description and a list of activities in Pdf or in Word format.


List of Data Literacy Activities

Each activity can be downloaded in Pdf or in Power Point version (pptx format) suitable for translations.



  • Air Temperature Across GLOBE During a Year - Pdf / Pptx
  • Air Temperature Across GLOBE on the Same Day - Pdf / Pptx


  • Comparison of Tree Height Measurements - Pdf / Pptx
  • Comparison of the Green-up Timing at Different Locations - Pdf / Pptx


  • Air and Water Temperatures Changes during the Year - Pdf / Pptx
  • Water Temperature Trend - Pdf / Pptx


  • Soil Properties Along the Cetina River Basin - Pdf / Pptx


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The toolkit has been developed by the GLOBE Coordination Office for Europe and Eurasia in collaboration with GLOBE trainers.