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Join GLOBE students tracking down precipitation in January!

GLOBE Ireland and GLOBE Malta extend an invitation to Europe and Eurasia schools to join them in upcoming Precipitation IOP (Intensive Observation Period) taking place between January 10th and February 2nd.  

A GLOBE Ireland team member, Maya Fields, explains: “The precipitation observation period is connected to the GLOBE Ireland ‘Rainfall and Flood Resilience’ project in which schools connect their precipitation measurements with additional land cover and urban infrastructure observations to explore the concept of ‘flood resilience’ and climate change adaptation.”


How to participate?

  1. Over 4 weeks (10.01 – 02.02.), students will measure precipitation and report their data to GLOBE
  2. In addition, students will map puddles/ponding, land cover and surface-types around, and study opportunities to build resilience to rainfall-related flooding.
  3. In the final week, students are encouraged to design 'Spongy School Solutions' to make their school more rainfall resilient.

 NOTE: Schools can join this project and decide they wish to focus solely on measuring precipitation (@ 1) and not complete the additional flood resilience mapping and design elements (@ 2 and 3).


Important dates

The following online events will be open to any participating GLOBE class:

  • Project Launch: Thursday January 11th: Click here to register
    1. When? 10-11am IST (Dublin)
    2. What? Welcome to the project, what will you do, info about weather and climate from Met Eiran (Irish Meteorological Service), and University of Malta

  • Expert Webinar: Monday January 22nd: Click here to register
    1. When? 10-11am IST (Dublin)
    2. What? Hear from flood resilience experts and get inspired to create rainwater management solutions at school. There will be a focus on Irish examples in this webinar.

  • Student presentations: February 7th & 8th Presenters will be most likely only from Ireland and Malta – due to capacity reasons. Still, the schools from other countries may join as audience or submit their presentation to the 2024 Virtual Student Conference for Europe and Eurasia.


Materials for students and teachers

  • Rainfall observation poster - download here
  • Sustainable urban drainage solutions posters - download here
  • Teachers guide incl. 4 powerpoint lessons and 5 outdoor activities for primary schools and the same for secondary schools
  • Read about last year’s IOP in Ireland here .

NOTE: The materials include Ireland specific information that participants from other countries may wish to tailor to their own climate and weather trends.

Any school interested to receive project updates should contact GLOBE Ireland team at 

Further resources:

check the Rainfall and Flood Resilience: How Spongy is Your School? Project Page - Ireland - 

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