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Developing a GLOBE Phenological Garden in Bad Lippspringe, Germany
Come and see the new GLOBE Phenological Garden, which is an inspiring collaborative initiative in Bad Lippspringe in Germany.  >>

Celebrating Student Achievements at 2024 Virtual Student Conference
The GLOBE 2024 Virtual Student conference held online from 6-7 March showcased the fantastic work of GLOBE students from nine countries across Europe and Eurasia, providing them with a platform to present their projects to an international audience.  >>

Events in our region in the school year 2023/24
Let´s see the overview of GLOBE projects, challenges, activities and campaigns going on in the school year 2023/24. Choose and join some of them!  >>

2023 GLOBE Regional Meeting for Europe and Eurasia from 16-20 October in Riga, Latvia
More than 80 representatives of 24 countries attended the 2023 GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Region Meeting in Riga, Latvia – country coordinators, trainers, scientists, teachers, education experts, GLOBE alumni and U.S. Embassy representatives.  >>

Tree Stories Project in Germany
Beautiful parks in the German towns Schloß Neuhaus and Bad Lippspringe with old trees that could tell us stories from the past. This was the starting point for the Tree Stories project, which ran from December 2021 to January 2023.  >>

The GLOBE Program in 2023
Let´s see what interesting GLOBE projects, challenges and campaigns going on in the year 2023. In this overview you can see the main activities and possibilities to join in.  >>

My Journey with GLOBE
Meet Niels Brouwers, IB Biology teacher at the International School of The Hague, The Netherlands on his journey with GLOBE.  >>

Students showed the best of GLOBE at Virtual Conference
The 2022 GLOBE Virtual Student Conference was held on 28-29 November. The GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Coordination Office gave voice to students who are actively involved in GLOBE.  >>

2022 GLOBE Regional Meeting Brings together GLOBE Community from Europe and Eurasia
Representatives of 24 countries attended the 2022 GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Region Meeting, as well as Country Coordinators, trainers, scientists, teachers, education experts, GLOBE alumni and U.S. Embassy representatives.  >>

The new school year with the GLOBE Program in Israel
On November 4, 2021, a conference was held to begin the activities of the GLOBE Program for the coming school year. More than 100 participants joined the event - teachers, school principals, supervisors and principals from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, representatives from the United States Embassy, and representatives from the GLOBE Program Europe and Eurasia.  >>

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