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Since its inception, the GLOBE Observer (GO) app has community scientists to actively engage with NASA scientists by providing the opportunity to collect atmospheric, mosquito habitat, land cover and tree height data no matter where you are located in the world. This has opened the door for community science members to learn more about the environment and its impacts on their daily lives. What has been uniquely applicable about the app is that it has helped college students to better understand various physical science concepts and has been an important tool in everyday curriculum. ...

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Many do not have the chance to witness a rare annular solar eclipse. So when the opportunity for one to crossover the El Paso borderland, people from Mexico and the United States converged at the El Paso Community College Transmountain campus to experience the unique annular solar eclipse of 2023. This unique eclipse occurs when the moon covers just enough of the sun outlining a “ring” of sun round the moon. Many in the El Paso region experienced close to 90% of the maximum effect, and provided an opportunity for those participating in the GLOBE Observer Eclipse protocol to collect ...

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Recently NASA scientists studied dust storms and weather conditions in the Chihuahuan desert to better understand the impacts on climate and public health. Presentations at the Southern Arizona Dust Storm Workshop in 2020 and 2021 highlighted the importance of these events. Students at El Paso Community College (EPCC) helped contribute to this study by engaging students to take dust observations using the GLOBE Observer app. Data taken using the app has helped scientists better understand the effects of these dust storms in the Chihuahuan desert and increased environmental awareness ...

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A journey through the clouds   Many times we take for granted the things that occur outside our window. For instance, the photo posted here is a fascinating cloud that appeared in the El Paso area in January. Social media went crazy from people all over town posting and commenting on the awesomeness of this feature. Some even mistaken them for UFO's. However, there is an explanation for this phenomena. This is an example of a lenticular cloud that occurs downwind from mountains or hilly regions. They form when winds carry moist air over mountains or hills, causing that air to ...

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A new resource is now available created by GLOBE educator Mr. Roger Rose ( @rrose ) as part of his NASA internship in 2023 titled, GLOBE Atmosphere Clouds and NGSS . This document compares portions of the clouds protocol to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for elementary and middle school with tips and resources to use in the classroom.  The document is available on the resources section of the NASA GLOBE Clouds page.