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The GLOBE Program is committed to providing STEM education of the highest quality to communities around the world, and the GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN) is an important part of that mission. In order to support the GISN, we've collected a wide range of instructive and engaging resources for members to use as they see fit. 

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Ways to Participate 

From judging school science fairs to using GLOBE data in your research, there are a huge number of ways to participate in the GISN. Learn more about ways to get involved with GLOBE students, teachers, and the whole GLOBE Community on our "Ways to Participate" page.



Be a Mentor

Professional feedback and encouragement are key components for engaging both students and teachers in the scientific process. Explore resources for GLOBE mentors as well as mentor tips on our "Be a Mentor" page.

Classroom Activities

Supplement your next science lecture with one of GLOBE's exciting classroom activities. With materials dedicated to all four environmental spheres as well as the Earth as a System, you're sure to find a great accompaniment to any STEM discussion.

GISN Webinars

Learn more about what it means to be in the GISN, how to use GLOBE Earth system science data, and find other useful tips for conducting scientific outreach with one of our various webinars. 

GISN Newsletter Archive

Stay up to date with all the latest GISN announcements and news with the GISN Newsletter. You can even explore our entire archive of past news on the "GISN Newsletter" page. 

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