GISN Webinars

GISN Webinars

The GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN) is a global community where scientists mentor students and teachers, present scientific ideas, and/or collaborate on scientific research. The GISN hosts webinars that provide tools and tips for scientists interacting with teachers and students.

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Webinar Link Description
The Nuts & Bolts of Using GLOBE To Do Outreach & Education

This webinar covers some basic information about the GISN such as how to apply and ways to participate.

GLOBE Mosquito Project Dr. Mullica Jaroensutasinee & Dr. Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee from GLOBE Thailand present their Mosquito protocol, research, and educational activities with students.
GLOBE Aerosols Campaign Bára Semerákóva from GLOBE Europe and Eurasia discusses the GLOBE Europe Aerosols Campaign.
Using GLOBE as a Tool for Inquiry Dr. Todd Ellis of the NASA CloudSat satellite mission discusses how he uses GLOBE as a tool for inquiry in undergraduate classes.
GLOBE's Data Quality Assurance Travis Andersen of the GLOBE Implementation Offices discusses GLOBE data quality.
Role Model Training

Dr. Julie Malmberg shares role model training materials for outreach in K-12 settings, ranging from SciGirls, Tech Bridge, and GLOBE materials.

How To Do Outreach

Dr. Julie Malmberg presents sample outreach activities for classroom engagement in K-12 and undergraduate settings, including SciGirls and GLOBE materials.

Adventures of a Scientist in the K-12 Classroom Dr. Lin Chambers shares lessons learned from her experiences speaking with students from kindergarten through high school, in multiple states and on three continents, in two and a half languages, in person and through virtual connections since 1997. Lin is a physical scientist in the Science Directorate at the NASA Langley Research Center, where she leads the S'COOL Project and MY NASA DATA. She was the Contrail Scientist for The GLOBE Program from 2003-2006.
Meaningful Teacher-Scientist Relationships: How to Make It Work K-12 schools are very different from the university and research world, and working with a teacher or visiting a classroom can be very intimidating. In this webinar, Einstein Fellow and Enviornmental Science Teacher Linsday Knippenberg shares ideas for planning classroom visits, collaborating while in the field, and building a lasting, two-way partnership between the teacher and scientist.