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1. GLOBE Materials

The table below list a selection of downloadable GLOBE learning activities associated with the four investigation areas and Earth as a System. Click on Investigation Areas image to explore further.

Primary Secondary Investigation Sphere

  • Earth System Science Poster: This poster and accompanying Activity Guide are a great way to show global patterns in variables such as solar insolation, precipitation, and biosphere, but also the connections between them.
  • Earth System Science Projects (ESSP): Each ESSP provides a unique research experience for students and offers learning activities to supplement their understanding.

  • Just Passing Through: Students investigate the effects of soil characteristics on water infiltration and chemistry of water that has just passed through.
  • Soils as Sponges: Students explore soil moisture.


2. Additional Resources

CLEAN Network - Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network provides resources for helping students become literate with climate topics

NASA Wavelength - NASA resources that can be used to introduce students to Earth and Space Science Education