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Classroom Activities

To help the GLOBE International STEM Network support the rest of the GLOBE community, The GLOBE Program has compiled a collection of downloadable learning activities focused around each Earth sphere. You can check out the activities below to gather inspiration for your next event or explore the entirety of GLOBE's Earth Sphere investigation materials on their respective pages.






Primary Secondary


Primary Secondary
  • Modeling a Catchment Basin
    • This learning activity teaches students how to make a 3-dimensional model of a catchment basin and the process of water movement through the basin


Primary Secondary
  • Soils as Sponges
    • This learning activity introduces students to gravimetric measurements of water content through calculating the amount of water in sponge and soil samples.




Earth as a System


Primary Secondary

Additional Resources

  • CLEAN Network: The Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network provides resources to help students explore and learn more about climate-related topics.
  • NASA Wavelength: NASA Wavelength is a collection of peer-reviewed resources that incorporate NASA content. These resource serve as a great introduction for students to Earth and Space Science Education.