Tiers of Involvment

Ways to Participate in the GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN)

Each relationship with a GLOBE school is uniquely determined by you and the school. Members of the GLOBE International STEM Network are mentors and role models for students. You can participate at a level that is appropriate to your skills, resources, availability, and interest.

In order to promote the wonderful opportunities the GISN provides and allow our members to better engage in the network and the broader GLOBE community, there is a requirement for GISN members to complete one GISN related activity per year. Members can use this form to report on their activity. See below for a list of possible ways to participate.

  • Visit a GLOBE school to do an activity
  • Write blogs about science topics and experience related to GLOBE and your field of expertise
  • Judge virtual GLOBE science symposium projects
  • Judge local, in-person GLOBE science fairs
  • Sponsor a GLOBE student science fair
  • Affiliate with a GLOBE partner
  • Become a GLOBE trainer
  • Partner with a GLOBE teacher or school
  • Use GLOBE data in your research
  • Publish a journal article involving GLOBE data
  • Assume responsibility for a GLOBE protocol (Guidelines for Proposing New Protocols)
  • Involve GLOBE teachers and students in your scientific research
  • Assume responsibilities for GLOBE student research campaigns (Guidelines for Proposing GLOBE Student Research Campaigns)
  • Become a GLOBE Partner

To learn more about participating in the GISN, check out the the "Getting Started" process below:

  1. Learn more about the GISN:
  2. Set up your GISN account & update your profile:
    1. Sign in to your GISN account using the information sent to your email.
    2. Create your own unique log in username and password.
    3. Add a profile picture, video, and any additional information about you and your research. To find some examples on how to set up your account, check out our GISN guide
  3. Connect with other members in the community: 
    • To find other GLOBE community members, you can explore the GLOBE Countries & Members Map.
    • To send another community member a message on the GLOBE website, make sure you add them as a "Friend" on your profile.
  4. Collaborate: 
    • To find collaboration partners based on investigation areas and protocols, check out our Find a Collaborator page. 
  5. Communicate with the GISN
    • To share ideas, documents, and questions on all things GISN, you can explore the GISN Message Board.
  6. Participate:
  7. Learn more:
    • Explore the GISN Webinar page for more tools and tips for scientists interacting with teachers and students.