GISN Members

GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN) Members

What are some activities of GISN members?

Members can do a variety of GLOBE related activities achieve the goals of engaging with students, teachers, and other STEM professionals to promote Earth science and education. GISN members may form relationships with teachers and schools. Each relationship between a GISN member and a GLOBE teacher and/or school is unique, and the parameters of that relationship are determined by the STEM professional and the teacher and/or school. GISN members are encouraged to think creatively about how to engage with students. Some ideas are:

  • Mentor students by providing feedback on their GLOBE activities
  • Advise students on the best approach to their research
  • Inspire students by sharing with them their own paths to STEM careers
  • Volunteer to judge science fairs (including GLOBE virtual science symposium)
  • Write blogs for the GLOBE website
  • Propose and develop GLOBE field campaigns
  • Incorporate GLOBE outreach into the broader-impacts portion of their funding proposals
  • Use GLOBE data in their research
  • Visit GLOBE schools and share scientific ideas with students and teachers

See more here: Ways to Participate

In order to stay active, members must complete at least one GISN-related activity per year. Members must report activity here.

Region Number of Members
Africa 14
Asia and Pacific 20
Europe and Eurasia 10
Latin America and Caribbean 8
Near East and North Africa 5
North America 66