Near East and North Africa

Near East and North Africa GISN Members

Early Career STEM Professionals are indicated with an asterisk (*) next to their name.

Country Name Early Career Email GLOBE Sphere(s) Research Area(s)
Bahrain Al Buflasa,  Hanan h.m.albuflasa (at) Atmosphere Renewable Energy, Environmental Physics, Earth Science, Air pollution
Egypt Obaje,  Edwin * edwin (at) Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere Mosquito larvae observation, Cloud cover, Urban Heat Island Effect
Morocco Ongoma,  Victor victor.ongoma (at) Atmosphere Climatology, Micrometeorology and Atmospheric Pollution, Land Use Land Cover, Extreme Weather Events
Oman Lebbai,  Hameed hameed (at) Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere, Biosphere Environmental impact assessment, climate change
Pakistan Mubashar,  Urooj * uroojmubashar1 (at) Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere and Biosphere. Science, Science Education, Teacher Education, Environmental Sciences and Agricultural Sciences.
Pakistan Tahir,  Muhammad naveed (at) Atmosphere, Pedosphere, Biosphere Remote sensing and climate change modeling
Saudi Arabia Seleem,  Sayed wael1974kamel95 (at) Atmosphere, Biosphere
United Arab Emirates Patil,  Yashraj * yashrajpatil2798 (at) Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere Physics, Chemistry and Biology (including Botany), IT & Data Science, Environmental Science, Ecology, Climatic Observations and basic Geographical Sciences

Updated Nov. 01 2021