Asia and Pacific

 Asia and the Pacific GISN Members

Early Career STEM Professionals are indicated with an asterisk (*) next to their name.

Country Name Early Career Email GLOBE Sphere(s) Research Area(s)
Australia Carpenter, Jackie Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere STEM education; science outreach; aerospace and aviation; science communication
Australia Khair, Eslam Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere
Australia Sutti, Alessandra Biosphere, Hydrospher, Pedosphere I am a materials scientist, with expertise in chemistry, physics, materials characterisation and synthesis, polymer science, colloid science, interface science, processing of materials. I am currently involved in the replacement of hazardous chemistry for textile treatment with bio-derived components, towards zero-impact. I am also currently developing protocols for monitoring and measurement of microfibres from textiles
Bangladesh Ahmed, Khandaker
Bangladesh Bhuiyan, Marufa Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere Water, Energy, Nexus, 100% Renewable Energy, Modeling (ArcGIS, SWITCH model, Optimization), Islanded Systems, Hawai'i, Microgrid, Partnership, Climate Change, Coordination, Education etc.
Bangladesh Haque, Muhammad
India Bal, Sunita Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere Micellar catalysis, Pesticide analysis, Soil analysis, Wine analysis, Physical Organic Chemistry
India Kothawade, Gajanan Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere, Biosphere, Health data Earth Observations, Data Science Applications, Remote Sensing & GIS, Mathematical Modeling
India Patil, Yashraj * Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere Physics, Chemistry and Biology (including Botany), IT & Data Science, Environmental Science, Ecology, Climatic Observations and basic Geographical Sciences
India R S, Ajin Atmosophere Renewable Energy, Environmental Physics, Earth Science, Air pollution
India Singh, Vinod * Atmosphere, Biosphere Environmental protection, Environmental awareness, NEST Methodology project based on environment
India Singh, Vinod * Atmosphere, Biosphere Environmental protection, Environmental awareness, NEST Methodology project based on environment
Philippines Emralino, Francis Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere Materials physics, Materials science, Instrumentation, Physics education and Sound Frequency Analysis
Sri Lanka Chandrasiri, Rendage Sachini Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere Polymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Nano Technology
Thailand Chumkiew, Sirilak Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere Long term ecological model in marine and coastal environment
Thailand Jaroensutasinee, Mullica Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere Mosquito, dengue, forest ecology, coral reef ecology
Thailand Jaroensutasinee, Krisanadej Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere, Biosphere Ecoinformatics
Thailand Monprapussorn, Sathaporn Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere Climate change, land use, water resources, agriculture, urban system
Thailand Phankamolsil, Napaporn Pedosphere Soil science, soil resource, land use, agriculture
Thailand Ruairuen, Watcharee Environmental Science
Thailand Sutummawong, Nantida
Vietnam Le, Huyen Other: STEM education Impact ofSTEM professional development for public teachers to improve their teaching performance generally and enhancing students academic. 2. Informal STEM community project help strenthen middle school students STEM skills, academic and globle attitude.
Vietnam Tran Thi Kim, Hoan Atmosphere, HYdrosphere Environmental Science - Education Sustainable Development - Climate change- Ecological lifestyle- Research surface water

Updated: Mar. 09, 2021