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It’s that time of the year again! In the Northern Hemisphere, the chlorophyll in leaves are breaking down causing the green in leaves to disappear and allowing for orange and yellow colors to become visible. At GLOBE, we call this process Green-Down , and if you have not started collecting your Green-Down data yet, it's not too late*! *If you are in the U.S., you can track the annual progressive changing of the leaves with this Fall Foliage Prediction Map from Smokey Mountains. ( ) The GLOBE Plant Color Guide ...

Posted in: Investigation Areas: GREEN-UP / GREEN-DOWN   Primary Audience: TEACHERS

Blog originally posted on the GLOBE Scientists' Blog: This week we have a guest blogger, Jessica Taylor . Jessica has been active as a GLOBE observer and trainer since 2001 and is a Master Trainer at NASA Langley Research Center. She conducts regular GLOBE Teacher Workshops in the areas of atmosphere and phenology investigations and works with several NASA missions to integrate GLOBE activities into their educational outreach efforts. Whenever I talk with teachers about studying ...

Posted in: GLOBE Science Topics: GENERAL SCIENCE EARTH AS A SYSTEM   Investigation Areas: GREEN-UP / GREEN-DOWN