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Blog originally posted on The GLOBE Scientists' Blog: During our time in the Atmospheric Science doctoral program at Colorado State University (CSU), we would take breaks from frustrating programming efforts and run upstairs to the roof of the building to take pictures of clouds. We would identify them by name, describe the conditions in which they were forming, and head back inside to see if we could put them within the context of the radar and satellite imagery. As our collection continued to grow, we ...

Posted in: Investigation Areas: ATMOSPHERE CLOUDS

Blog originally posted on The GLOBE Scientists' Blog: With climate change, there are many relationships that are understood, and many others that are not.  Dr. Veerabhadran Ramanathan from The Scripps Institute  in San Diego has spent the last fifteen years in the Maldives, a nation south of India that is comprised of over 1,200 islands, studying the relationship between air pollutants, cloud formation and air temperature. The Maldives are a great location for ...

Posted in: Field Campaigns: CARBON CYCLE   GLOBE Science Topics: GENERAL SCIENCE CLIMATE CHANGE CLIMATE   Investigation Areas: ATMOSPHERE

Blog originally posted on the GLOBE Scientists' Blog: Through our trees in trouble series, we’ve examined trees in the Sahel zone in Africa and the United States .  This problem, climate change and dying trees, has been seen on every continent, the only exception being Antarctica, due to the lack of vegetation on the frozen continent.   Scientists have recently found that there is an alarming loss rate of big, old trees, whose ages range ...


Blog previously posted on The GLOBE Scientists' Blog: Weather extremes have become a common theme in the news headlines the past few weeks. For example, nearly every part of the United States has been experiencing one of two extremes – either frigid cold or record-breaking high temperatures. Places like Arizona and California experienced below-freezing temperatures, which can have potential impacts on the crops grown in these typically balmy regions. In contrast, cities in the Southeast U.S., such as ...

Posted in: GLOBE Science Topics: CLIMATE CLIMATE CHANGE   Investigation Areas: ATMOSPHERE