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In this pro tip, you will learn how to increase your location accuracy while using the GLOBE Observer app and learn why location accuracy matters. How is location determined? By using a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, (either  hand-held or built into your mobile device), you are able to obtain your geographical position on the Earth’s surface. The antennas on your GPS receiver will acquire satellite signals and once it has located three satellites, it will perform a first calculation of latitude and longitude.  For the GLOBE Observer Land Cover tool,  the initial...

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Enhancing undergraduate understanding of hydro-climatic studies in the environmental cohort using the GLOBE led inquiry-based learning approach. Teaching practices are context specific, thus we focus this study on enhancing the inquiry-based learning (IBL) in teacher education. The South African physical science curriculum (DBE, 2011b) supports the teaching and learning of science through inquiry and learners are expected to be involved in practical investigations. However, South African preservice teachers who join universities are not confident to implement inquiry approaches when they...

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Hello GISN community, Did you know that there are now curated, analysis-ready GLOBE datasets posted on the website? These are subsets of GLOBE data that have been post-processed by a scientist on the GLOBE team and are being made available for broader use by the community. Check them out:   Clouds data, Dust data, Eclipse data,

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The GLOBE Urban Heat Island Student Research Campaign finished up the 2019-2020 campaign with observations from 254 sites in October with 6,688 surface temperature observations. In December, 4,248 observations were taken from 126 schools. Over 50% of the data was submitted in the last 2 weeks. This is a large increase from last year of about 150%. There are focus areas with many schools participating including the Great Lakes, Croatia, Saudi Arabia and Oman, and Taiwan. And, there are first time participants from Brazil, South Korea and India. The blog post in October had...

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Special observations of airplanes and contrails are being collected by a select few as part of a pilot project the GLOBE Clouds team has been working on for a year. The project asks students to use an app that tracks aircrafts, then note if the airplane is or is not creating a contrail. The airplane tracker app suggested notes the height of the airplanes, giving the opportunity to note the altitude of the contrails if present. The GLOBE Clouds team was able to present a first look at the data collected by students at Alpena Elementary/Middle School (Mr. Roger Rose teacher), Treadway...

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