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Did You Miss Dr. Tony Murphy’s Third Quarter Video Address to the GLOBE Community? Watch It Now!
GLOBE Community: If you haven’t had a chance to watch GLOBE Implementation Office Director Dr. Tony Murphy’s third quarter video address, then watch it today!  >>

Today (15 August): South American Eclipse 2019 Webinar: “Now What Do I Do With the Data?”
On 02 July 2019, a total solar eclipse passed across the southern part of South America. The eclipse began over the Pacific Ocean, and the lunar shadow entered South America near La Serena, Chile, and ended near Chascomús, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Outside this path, a partial solar eclipse was visible in the rest of Chile and Argentina, as well as in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay; and in parts of Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Panama.  >>

U.S. GLOBE High School Seniors: 2020 Regeneron Science Talent Search Application Now Open! Deadline 13 November
U.S. GLOBE high school seniors: The Regeneron Science Talent Search (Regeneron STS) application is now open. Regeneron STS provides a forum for original research that is recognized and reviewed by a jury of professional scientists. Deadline for applications is Wednesday, 13 November, at 8:00 p.m. ET.  >>

GLOBE Observer on the Lewis and Clark Trail Citizen Science Challenge Runs through 02 September
The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and NASA GLOBE Observer are challenging visitors to collect land cover observations along the trail between 01 June and 02 September 2019. To participate, simply download the GLOBE Observer App, open the Land Cover tool, and start taking observations to earn points.  >>

Miss the “How to Submit Dust Storm Event Photographs Using GLOBE Observer” Webinar? Check Out the Recording and Educational Resources!
If you missed the 06 August webinar “How to Submit Dust Storm Event Photographs Using GLOBE Observer,” presented by NASA GLOBE Clouds Project Scientist, Marilé Colón Robles, the recording – and related educational resources – are now available.  >>

Have Questions About GLOBE? Check Out These FAQs – Assistance Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: GLOBE community members – as you explore GLOBE, keep in mind that there are many answers already available to you on the website.  >>

Check Out GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention Project Comic-style Book “Zika Zine”
The GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention project is happy to present, “Zika Zine.” Developed by the UCAR Center for Science Education, Zika Zine is a comic-style book that follows the story of three fictional mosquitos through their developmental life cycles in order to teach readers about the Aedes aegypti mosquito and the Zika virus.  >>

GLOBE Congratulates Top July 2019 Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign Measurement Champions
The Globe Program would like to congratulate the top most active Trees Around the Globe Student Research Campaign participants taking at least 10 measurements for tree height, greenings, and land cover measurements for the campaign in July!  >>

Today (07 August): Mission Mosquito Education Webinar #10: “Around the World with Mission Mosquito”
Educators – Join the GLOBE Mission Mosquito (GMM) Field Measurement Campaign Webinar #10 “Around the World with Mission Mosquito” on Wednesday, 07 August, at 8:00 p.m. EDT.  >>

Congratulations to the Winner of the July 2019 Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign Tree Height IOP
The GLOBE Program would like to congratulate the winner of the July 2019 Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign Tree Height Intensive Observation Period (IOP): Y-Hsien Lee of The National Kinmen Senior High School from The Taiwan Partnership, with 126 measurements in 31 days.  >>