GISN Members: Call for collaborators

The NASA GLOBE Clouds team is looking for members of the GLOBE International STEM Network (GISN) or any researcher that would be interested in publishing research (as lead or co-author) using the GLOBE Clouds data. 

We are looking for researchers that are interested in:

  • Cryosphere that would be willing to use cloud observations over the Arctic/Antarctica.
  • Satellite validation studies with collocated observations, particularly those collected during GLOBE Clouds Data Challenge (March 15-April 15, 2018).
  • Natural hazards to explore possibilities of using the data.
  • Gaming/machine learning or ways to engage citizen scientists in data quality checks.
  • Having a conversation with the NASA GLOBE Clouds team about your research ideas.


Features of collaborating with the NASA GLOBE Clouds team:

  • Receive clouds data directly from the GLOBE Clouds team.
  • Co-authorship opportunities in research papers.
  • Direct connection to the team for ideas, suggestions, and opportunities. 


If you are interested, comment below or contact me directly for more information.

Thank you SO much and Happy New Year!



Colón Robles, Marilé, GLOBE Clouds Lead

Science Systems and Applications, Inc.


NOTE: This is a call for collaboration and not job announcement. The collaboration is based on your own time and will not include any compensation. 

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