Mr. Jeff Bouwman

The NASA GLOBE Clouds team is excited to highlight Mr. Jeff Bouwman, a 6th and 7th grade teacher at Shumate Middle School (Gibraltar School District) in Gibraltar, MI. Mr. Bouwman was one of the top 10 GLOBE Cloud observers for 2017 and we are very excited for the research his students are doing with the data. 


We invite you to read his most recent post - "It's Cool to Have Your Head in the Clouds" - and read the research his students are doing with 2-years of cloud observations! 


If you would like to be highlighted as a NASA GLOBE Clouds teacher or know of someone who should be highlighted, please let us know. 


Don't forget, the NASA GLOBE Clouds: Spring Cloud Observations Data Challenge starts March 15th. Be sure to check out all past NASA GLOBE Cloud News posts. 



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