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GLOBE Observer (GO) on the Lewis and Clark Trail Citizen Science Challenge Top Observers Announced

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Between 01 June and 02 September 2019, the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and NASA GLOBE Observer (GO) challenged visitors to collect land cover observations along the trail. The “Top Observers” (those who collected the most land cover observations) have been announced!

Within the boundaries of the Lewis and Clark Trail, the top observers were:

  • Suzi Taylor
  • Jenny Queen
  • Michael Miller and Chuck Nelson
  • A. Spencer
  • Bev Monigal
  • Shannon Kelly
  • Dorman Bazzell
  • Erin C.
  • Elizabeth Dunn
  • Citizen Scientist from the United States (remaining anonymous)

By GLOBE region, the top observers were:

Asia and Pacific

  • National Kinmen Senior High School Observatory, Jincheng Township, Taiwan
  • Mitchell and Samual Haley, Southern Barossa Scout Group, Australia
  • Erik Lensson, Australia


  • Berthy Buah, Ghana
  • Amos Kuai and St. Scholastica Catholic School, Nairobi, Kenya

Europe and Eurasia

  • Citizen Scientist, Poland
  • Philip Montgomery, United Kingdom
  • Andrzej Majkut, and his students, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Complex of Elementary Schools in Jadachy, Poland and the Complex of Schools F. Dury, Chmielów, Poland
  • Citizen Scientist, Poland

Latin America and Caribbean

  • Paulo Murillo-Sandoval, Colombia
  • Juan Manuel Vazquez Ramirez, Paraguay

North America (away from the Lewis and Clark Trail)

  • Shumate Middle School students, Gibraltar, Michigan, United States
  • Spencer Greenfield, United States
  • Citizen Scientist, United States

GLOBE Observer, and The GLOBE Program, would like to thank everyone who participated in this challenge – and congratulate the top observers!

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