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Read the Latest GLOBE ENSO Blog – “Taking ENSO Data to the Next Level with Shumate Middle School in Gibralter, Michigan!”
Mr. Jeff Bouwman and his Shumate Middle School students in Gibralter, Michigan, USA, are NASA GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign superstars. Read the latest GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign blog written by Brian Campbell, NASA Senior Earth Science Education Specialist – and check out their two inspiring videos showing what these amazing students have been doing with their data!  >>

GLOBE Community: Is eTraining Right for You? Protocol Training Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: GLOBE eTraining provides the opportunity for new and existing GLOBE users to complete science protocol training at anytime, anywhere. GLOBE eTraining consists of multiple downloadable training modules – and there are now 46 modules available – interactive digital field and lab experiences, online assessments for each module, and access to support through online discussion forums.  >>

GLOBE Teachers – Are You Ready for the Great American Eclipse Coming in August?
GLOBE teachers – there’s no doubt that you’re already well aware of the coming eclipse (21 August), but did you know that there are GLOBE science investigations that you can use with your students to enhance this amazing experience? Check them out here!  >>

GLOBE Observer App Development Team to Receive NASA Honor Award
Congratulations to the GLOBE Observer Team! Their hard work to develop and successfully launch the GLOBE Observer App has been noticed by NASA! The team is being recognized for a GROUP NASA Honor Award – for “sustained excellence in delivering critical SMD mission educational content to students and expanding it to citizen scientists.” The award will be presented to the team at the NASA Honor Ceremony at the Langley Research Center in Virginia, USA, this fall.  >>

Announcing the Student Stipends to Present Projects at the 2017 Annual Meeting
Congratulations to the students of four schools who were selected by random drawing today to receive a stipend to help defray the cost of attending the GLOBE Annual Meeting in News Haven Connecticut in New Haven this summer.  >>

What is the Science of ENSO? Read the Latest GLOBE ENSO Blog
Have you read the latest GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign blog, “The Science of ENSO!” written by Brian Campbell, NASA Senior Earth Science Education Specialist?  >>

Teachers: Check out These Tips/Resources for Your Classrooms – GLOBE Across the Curriculum Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: GLOBE Teachers: If you haven’t visited “GLOBE Across the Curriculum” pages on the GLOBE website lately, you may want to check out the tips and resources available to you!  >>

Join the ENSO Data Entry Challenge – 22 April through 22 July!
The GLOBE Program invites you to join the ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) Data Entry Challenge. The goal of the challenge, which began on 22 April and runs through 22 July, is to involve students in the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign.  >>

New GLOBE Community Blog “El Niño Costero In Perú: A Story to Tell” Shares Vivid Impacts of Unique El Niño Variation
What is causing severe social and economic impacts in Peru? A recent GLOBE Community Blog by Claudia Cecilia Caro Vera, “El Niño Costero In Perú: A Story to Tell” explains that the answer to this question is “El Niño Costero” – a unique variation of El Niño (ENSO) that occurs when there is an irregular increase in the temperature of the ocean surface restricted to Peruvian and Ecuadorian coasts. If you’d like to learn more about this phenomenon – and if you’d like to help the people of Perú affected by El Niño Costero – please read the entire blog here!  >>

Register Today for 16 May GLOBE ENSO Webinar: “Technology and Engineering”
Register today for the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign webinar: “Technology and Engineering.” The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 16 May, at 8:00 p.m. EDT (12:00 a.m. UTC). You can join this webinar by registering here.  >>