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Year of Climate and Carbon: Learn How to Participate
The YCC Campaign is happening now -- learn how to participate!  >>

Updated Pedosphere eTraining Module -- Try Today!
Updated Pedopshere eTraining Modules are now live! Check them out and get trained today!  >>

IVSS and YCC Joint Webinar is Live -- Watch Now!
IVSS/YCC Joint Webinar is now live. Learn about how to use GLOBE Protocols to tell your climate and carbon stories for the 2024 IVSS!  >>

GISN Social Hour on 30 November 2023 -- New Date and Time
Join the next GISN Social Hour on 30 November!  >>

Year of Climate and Carbon Webinar on 29 November 2023
Join the next YCC Webinar on 29 November and hear from researchers at NCAR's Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory.  >>

Annular Eclipse
On 14 October 2023, an annular eclipse took place in North, Central and South America.  >>

November Tech Update
Recently, the Digital Information Systems (DIS) team pushed out a number of changes that they hope will make it easier for users to find what they need on the GLOBE website.  >>

GLOBE Student Vloggers -- November Update
During the meeting, the students were trained in the importance of being sensitive to current events when creating content for social media.  >>

2023 North American Regional Meeting -- Registration Continues
Register today for the 2023 North American Regional Meeting this November!  >>

NASA The State of Trees –- November 2023
Join the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign Team on 14 November as they come at you live from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where we will be highlighting tree height and land cover observations from Parque Morelos.  >>