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09 September: GLOBE Mission Mosquito Webinar: “Investigation Pathways”

GLOBE Mission Mosquito 09 September webinar shareable showing four pathways to webinar options

The GLOBE Mission Mosquito (GMM) webinar, “Investigation Pathways,” will be held on Thursday, 09 September, at 02::00 p.m. EDT (06:00 p.m. UTC).

This webinar is for students, teachers, and citizen scientists who want to learn about climate change modeling, NASA data, the Mission Mosquito Notebook, and how to use GLOBE and NASA data in IVSS projects!

Participants will be able to select from two 15-minute sessions, and ask questions of the trainers. Individual session descriptions are:

  • Climate Modeling: Learn how and why NASA Earth observations are used in climate models, and the importance of differentiating weather from climate, with Andrea.
  • Connect the Drops: Learn how to access and analyze NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement’s monthly and seasonal precipitation data, with Dorian.  
  • My NASA Data: Learn about the My NASA Data visualization tool, Earth System Data Explorer (ESDE), which helps learners visualize complex Earth System data sets over space and time, with Elizabeth. 
  • Mission Mosquito Notebook: Learn how to use the Mission Mosquito Science Notebook and Mosquito Larvae Hunter (1 & 2) both in and out of the classroom, with Liz. (This resource is featured as an introductory student experience that can set the stage for student data explorations and IVSS projects for middle school audiences.)
  • Are you thinking about doing an IVSS research project using GLOBE data? Bounce your ideas around with Cassie.

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