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GLOBE Teachers: NASA Earth Observatory Has Updated the Mission: Biomes to Support Interactive Learning

NASA Mission: Biomes

In celebration of 20 years since the first release, NASA Earth Observatory has updated the Mission: Biomes activity to support interactive learning and awareness of seven terrestrial biomes: Rainforest, Grassland, Temperate Deciduous Forest, Coniferous Forest, Desert, Tundra, and Shrubland.

The Mission: Biomes activity starts with a clickable map that highlights each of the seven biomes. After reading about each biome, users can enter “The Great Graph Match” mission and test their biome knowledge by linking each climograph to the correct biome. (Don’t worry if there are some vocabulary words that are confusing—Mission: Biomes has a glossary of terms to reference at any time!)

After mastering “The Great Graph Match,” users can enter the “To Plant or Not to Plant?” mission, read about 19 plants growing all over the world, and match those plants to the biome they prefer, in either beginner or advanced mode.

Teachers: Please feel free to access the Teacher Resources page to learn more about the Mission: Biomes goals, expected outcomes for students, the Next Generation Science Standards alignment, general tips for navigating the site, additional activities to learn, and more!

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