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GLOBE Teachers: Join the "Local Lake Challenge" 02-08 October

Photo of a lake

GLOBE Teachers: You and your students are invited to participate in an international "Local Lake Challenge," a hydrology data-collection event that will take place from 02-08 October. In conjunction with the GLOBE expedition to Lake Victoria in Africa and Pokhara Lake in Nepal, you can take your students on a scientific journey to a lake in your area, collect data, and then enter the data into the GLOBE website – for eventual comparison with similar data taken around the world.

The measurements to be taken at the lake are:

  • water temperature
  • pH
  • transparency
  • dissolved oxygen (DO) 
  • cloud observations  

As an option, you and your students can also collect data using the Mosquito Habitat Mapper App (GLOBE Observer App).

You can collect data in all of the areas listed above, or pick a select few. During the week of 02-07 October, and through future virtual meetings and penpal exchanges, students will interact with collaborators and scientists from around the world to compare and analyze the data collected during the week. The data can also be also used in 2019 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) or U.S. Student Research Symposia (SRS) projects!

GLOBE U.S. Teachers:

If you are a GLOBE teacher in the United States, and you are interested in participating in the Local Lake Challenge, please register here.

GLOBE Regional Teachers:

If you are a teacher in a GLOBE region, please inform your Country Coordinator that you are ready to participate in the Local Lake Challenge, so they can send you additional information.

Time to collect hydrology data!

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