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18th Annual Partner Meeting Convenes in New Delhi, India
The 18th Annual GLOBE Partner Meeting convenes in new Delhi, in advance of the GLOBE Learning Expedition. Follow the events of the week on Facebook.  >>

July 2014 GLOBE News Brief
July 2014 GLOBE News Brief  >>

Community Spotlight - Dr. Desh Bandhu
Dr. Desh Bandhu, President of the India Environmental Society and Region Coordinator of the GLOBE Regional Office for Asia and Pacific, will be the principal host of the 2014 GLOBE Learning Expedition and Annual Partner Meeting in New Delhi from 3-8 August.  >>

Community Spotlight - Dr. Elena Bautista Sparrow
Dr. Elena Bautista Sparrow, research professor and education outreach director at the International Arctic Research Center (IARC), was honored with the 2014 Emil Usibelli Distinguished Public Service Award on 6 May 2014.  >>

Teachers Prepare for the launch of OCO-2 by Using Systems Thinking and Modeling to Understand Carbon Cycle
On July 1st, NASA will launch the first dedicated Earth remote sensing satellite to study atmospheric carbon dioxide from Space. OCO-2 will launch from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base. Instruments onboard will take 24 measurements every second! Together these measurements will help us better understand atmospheric carbon dioxide, the leading human-produced greenhouse gas driving changes in Earth's climate. At a recent workshop, teachers learned about the global carbon cycle and were introduced to a computer model that demonstrates how the various sources of carbon interact with one another. This was part of a GLOBE Carbon Cycle session, led by GLOBE Master Trainer Jessica Taylor. The session was titled, "Using Systems Thinking and Modeling Tools to Better Understand the Global Carbon Cycle." About 20 middle and high school teachers participated in the session as part of the MODSIM (modeling and simulation) week-long workshop for teachers, held at NASA Langley Research Center. Teachers were trained in the GLOBE Carbon Cycle curriculum and learned about OCO-2, NASA's latest Earth-observing satellite mission to better understand global carbon cycle. Materials from the workshop are available online at: Learn more about OCO-2: Learn more about GLOBE Carbon Cycle:  >>

Mid-June 2014 GLOBE News Brief
Mid-June 2014 GLOBE News Brief  >>

June 2014 GLOBE News Brief
June 2014 GLOBE News Brief  >>

Ozone Garden Opens at Virginia Living Museum
NASA Langley's Science Directorate partnered with the Virginia Living Museum to design and create an Ozone Garden Exhibit, which opened to the public on June 23, 2014. The Ozone Garden collaboration with the museum and NASA began in 2012 with Margaret Pippin, GLOBE Master Trainer at NASA Langley, and John Skelly, a plant biologist and retired professor from Penn State. As an indicator of plant stress, ozone sensitive plants provide a tool to detect and monitor local changes in air quality and effects on the local environment. The ozone garden is designed as a tool to detect and monitor ozone stress on sensitive and tolerant plants. The exhibit is an extension of the LEARN Project, an innovative education program providing authentic NASA research experiences for teachers. For more information on building your own Ozone Garden, visit the Ozone Bioindicator Garden Project website at:  >>

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Webinars in July 2014
Three GLOBE webinars will take place on 29 July to help teachers find out how GLOBE alligns with NGSS, how GLOBE NGSS resources benefit GLOBE Partners and Trainers, and how everyone can benefit from lessons learned from the year-long GLOBE / NGSS alignment project.  >>

New School Status Reporting Tool on the GLOBE Website
The new school status reporting tool has been launched on the website. This tool will allow Country Coordinators and U.S. Partners to be able to view the data reporting status of schools in their country. The functionality is similar to the reporting tool on the old website, but includes more powerful filtering options  >>