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February 2018 Letter to the Community

Letter to the Community

24 February 2018

Hello everyone and greetings from Ireland! I'm in Killarney now putting in place final plans for the 2018 GLOBE Learning Expedition that will take place 1- 6 July.

Group in front of green grass and trees.
Joining me Jack Murray (in red shirt), Director of All Good Tales; left to right across your screen; Barbara Ross, Operations Manager, and Anna Henderson, Public Relations, also of All Good Tales; Chris Barron, Education Director of Killarney National Park Education Centre; Pat Dawson, Regional Manager of the National Park and Wildlife Service; Julie Malmberg of the GIO; Anthony Purcell our Ireland Country Coordinator; and Ben Cavanaugh, Videographer, and Rachel Carey, Public Relations, of All Good Tales.  

All Good Tales (AGT) is a storytelling agency in Dublin that we are bringing into the fold of the GLE, courtesy of a grant from the YLACES Foundation, to assist with something new this year: storytelling guidance for students!  We are engaging AGT's considerable expertise in this field to help students learn how to tell the story of their activities in Killarney and to use those skills, going forward, to talk compellingly about their research and involvement with GLOBE.

We'll be asking students to consider: What is the purpose of your week in Killarney and of your GLOBE activities at back home? How can you convince others that your research matters? Can you talk about it an engaging manner? The team from All Good Tales will guide students through exercises that will teach them how to gather and structure a story and to find their own unique voice.

We are excited about this aspect of the GLE this year. GLOBE provides students with tools and guidance to help them to be keen observers and data collectors. We want to take that one step further and help them become passionate storytellers as well!  It is our conviction that students' ability to communicate the value of their research projects is every bit as important as the research itself.

The following information may be of help to you:

The deadline for standard GLE registration is 16 April. However, we are well past the midpoint in registrations so if you are thinking of joining us and you have not yet signed on, please do so as soon as possible. Our limit is 400 participants.  

Once you have registered, do not forget to reserve your hotel accommodation at the GLE hotel, Gleneagle. The deadline to reserve your accommodation is also fast approaching and once the rooms are released from our reserved block there are no guarantees there or at other locations. July is an extremely busy time in Killarney and waiting too long may create problems for you. The hotel deadline is April 30, so book your accommodation today.

Participants coming from countries that require a visa to enter Ireland may request a letter of invitation to attach to the visa application. Contact GIO's Katy Lackey.   

The 22nd GLOBE Annual Meeting will take place on 01 July 2018 before the start of the GLOBE Learning Expedition. Please see the Annual Meeting webpage for more information including how to submit a presentation, due 15 March.

And finally, if you need any more convincing to come to Ireland, please see the videos recently placed on our All About Ireland page.

- - - - -

On another topic altogether... the  2018 International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) is accepting student reports through 01 March.

Click here for more information about the IVSS, including recorded webinars for last-minute guidance, and the link to upload student reports.


Have a good weekend everyone!


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Dr. Tony Murphy  
Director, GLOBE Implementation Office

20th anniversary.

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