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NASA GLOBE Clouds Family Guide


Observing clouds is a fun family activity that also helps build children's curiosity in science and the natural world around them. With NASA GLOBE Clouds, you and your family can start documenting your aerial observations and identifying the different types of clouds in the sky above you. You can take note of the various cloud shapes, opacity, thickness, and other characteristics in a dedicated science journal. If you submit these measurements through the GLOBE Observer app, you'll also provide valuable input to NASA scientists which helps them interpret their own satellite data.

Although NASA's satellites can measure huge patches of the Earth's atmosphere from space, it's difficult for them to capture all the details of what's going on beneath the top layer. This is where the measurements of volunteer citizen scientists like you and your family can help out. By combining the satellite measurements from above and your measurement from below, we can develop a more thorough understanding of our planet's atmosphere.

Learn more from NASA Scientists

To learn more about the importance of cloud research, watch our video from NASA cloud scientist Jessica Taylor. You can also check out NASA scientist Marilé Colón Robles' story on NASA's Earth Observatory for Kids about what it's like to study the atmosphere. 

Jessica Taylor 

Marilé Colón Robles