Family Cloud Challenge

Hands-on Activities

These videos feature activities related to the science of clouds video topics. If you're looking for even more activities, check out our full Clouds Resource Library.

  1. Test different materials as you learn about cloud opacity with the "SciGirls’ Cloud Clues" activity (versión en español, "Pistas en las Nubes").

    Join the mother and daughter duo of GLOBE educators Joselyn Hathaway and Wanda Hathaway as they do the SciGirls’ Cloud Clues activity.

  2. Create a "Cloud in a Jar" (versión en español, "La Nube en un Frasco")

    Join Lucy Ellisor (camp counselor for Camp Discovery in Blythewood, SC) and her brother Deon as they do the Cloud in a Jar activity.

  3. Create a cloud collage and practice "Cloud Cover Estimation" (versión en español, practicar la estimación de la cobertura de nubes)

    Join Jessica and her two daughters as they try out the Cloud Cover Estimation activity.

  4. Construct an aerosol sampler with the "Up in the Air" activity (versión en español, "En el Aire")

    Join Angie Rizzi (science educator, NASA Langley Research Center) as she makes an aerosol sampler from the Up In The Air activity, part of the Elementary GLOBE storybooks series.

  5. Create a Cloudscape (versión en español, “Formas de Nubes”)

  6. Do the Cloud Dance

    Do you know that clouds get their names from their shape, how high they are in the sky, and if they produce precipitation? Follow along with NASA scientist Marilé Colón Robles and her two daughters as they do the cloud dance and other activities.

  7. Start a Nature Journal

    Join GLOBE educator Dr. Veshell Lewis as she does the Cloud Fun activity that is part of the Elementary GLOBE books series. You will need the free Elementary GLOBE storybook Do You Know That Clouds Have Names? and the GLOBE cloud chart.