Family Email Satellite Matches

Get a Personalized Email from NASA: Satellite Matches

Cloud observations sent using the GLOBE Observer app are compared or matched to NASA satellite data. The GLOBE Observer app can alert you when a satellite will be over your area. If you send in an observation either 15 minutes before or after the satellite was in your area, you may get a NASA personalized email comparing your observations to satellite data. Get your satellite overpass times from the GLOBE Observer app on the main clouds portion before you enter a new observation. The satellite match table guide is a great resource to find out how to read the satellite match table.


Need some help identifying which cloud you are looking at? NASA Scientist Dr. Lin Chambers shares some helpful tips to tell the different cloud types in this post. You can also use this dichotomous key (yes or no type of questions) guide that can help you figure out the type of cloud in your sky.

Meet Tina Rogerson, the scientific programmer/analyst on the NASA GLOBE Clouds team who makes the satellite matching happen! Read more about her story, how she got to work at NASA and more.


Above: Aqua, Terra, and CALIPSO are three NASA Earth observing satellites the NASA GLOBE Clouds team matches to your cloud and sky observations.