Sky Color

Sky Color


The classification of the color of the sky into one of the following 5 categories: Deep Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Pale Blue, and Milky. Near the horizon it is typically lighter due to the presence of aerosols. The darkest part of sky can often be seen about half way between the horizon and directly overhead, in the "anti- sun" direction - that is, when you look at the sky with your shadow in front of you. When observing Sky Color your should classify the darkest (bluest) color of the sky.


  • Sky color describes the sky itself; NOT any cloud that may be present.
  • Sky color cannot be observed if view of the sky is obscured or if the sky has no clear patches (you cannot observe color if you have 50% cloud cover or greater).
  • This observation is only possible during the day, not at dusk or night.

Sky Color and Visibility Field Guide

These colors are intended as an approximate guide to the interpretation of the sky color choices. On computer monitors the appearance of colors varies depending on the quality and adjustment of your monitor.

deep blue
(azul intenso, bleu foncé)

(azul medio, bleu)

light blue
(azul claro, bleu clair)

pale blue
(azul pálido, bleu pâle)