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The members of the New England Regional Earth Systems Science (NERESS) Collaborative are dedicated to supporting environmental stewardship through science education in schools and universities, and through promotion of science citizenship in urban and rural communities. This group places extra focus on the vitally important area of climate change. As a working group, NERESS will draw upon science education materials and subject matter experts from GLOBE, NASA, NOAA, and other federal and state agencies, such as the U.S. Forestry and Parks Service. We provide the science resources for students, teachers, and citizens of all ages. Specifically, we support science education and science citizenship in communities of low economic standing to support their efforts in correcting systemic environmental inequities.  

Our objectives are: share resources between the founding members of NERESS; incorporate and adapt GLOBE, NASA, NOAA, and other science and science education resources in an increased number of school districts and informal science education venues; and support community action by students and citizens in communities that are predominantly of low socioeconomic status to advocate for positive changes in the quality of their environment. 

Our team is made up of Peter Garik, Boston University GLOBE Mission EARTH Partnership; Evan Kuras, Boston University URBAN Program in Urban Biogeoscience and Environmental Health; Patricia Janulewicz, Boston University School of Public Health; Haley Wicklein, Leitzel Center at the University of New Hampshire; Joan Haley, Shelburne Farms; and Leigh Peake, Gulf of Maine Research Institute. As a collaborative, we will recruit and welcome all regional organizations to assist us in our planning and outreach.