ESS Collaborative Webinars and Water Cooler Presentations

♦ Introduction (April 8, 2020)

♦ Leader Kick-Off (August 21, 2020) (audio recording)

♦ Colorado ESS Collaborative Meeting (1-25-21) with Fiske Planetarium

January 27, 2021: Colorado ESS Collaborative Presentation hosted by Fiske Planetarium (Water Cooler Presentation)

January 29, 2021: Putting Citizen Science To Practice with Noah Newman of CoCoRaHS (Water Cooler Presentation)

     - (click here for slides)

NASA Resources: Connecting Students to Science with Peter Falcon (March 19, 2021)

ESS Collaborative Teams: GLOBE Web and API Webinar (May 20, 2021)

♦ ESS Webinar Presentation Data Puzzles Making Sense With Science (July 28, 2021)