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Chabot Space and Science Center 2022 Student Research Symposium Highlights

Regional in-person Student Research Symposia (SRS) were not held in 2022 due to the ongoing COVID pandemic; however, with support from NASA Grant no. 80NSSC18K0135 and Youth Learning As Citizen Environmental Scientists (YLACES), the GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office was able to support in-person local SRS where students shared the results of field investigations using GLOBE protocols or data. Learn more about all of the 2022 local SRS here.

students present their research at the Chabot Space and Science Center student research symposiumThirty-three students from four high schools attended the Student Research Symposium at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, CA on 5 May 2022. The day was supported by GLOBE Mission Earth Partner Tracy Ostrom. Fifteen STEM professionals attended as project reviewers.

This was an afterschool event. It started with peer reviews of the six projects. The STEM professionals spoke with student researchers for about an hour after the peer review.

The group next moved to the planetarium where each STEM professional explained their career and provided advice and tips on entering into STEM careers.

The event finished with a 25-minute planetarium show on the Artemis mission.

Thank you to the reviewers: Olivia Ryder, Kieran Brown, Isabella Mariano, Suverna Trivedi, Ellen Torres Thompson, Lawrence Edmond, Ben Burress, Jaclyn Caldwell, Maile Smith, Scott Karbashewski, Winry Ember, Claire Poppett, Parth Soni, and Wesley Irons.

Congratulations to the student researchers!

Image description: students present their research at the Chabot Space and Science Center SRS.

Student Research Reports: U.S. Student Research Symposia (SRS)

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