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49+ GLOBE-related projects presented at the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting

The GLOBE Community out did itself this year with at least 49 GLOBE-related projects presented at the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting. The Fall Meeting was held in New Orleans, LA and virtually from 13-17 December, 2021. Authors included Partners, community members, NASA and GIO, as well as GLOBE students (as part of the Bright Stars program, highlighted below with an asterisk). Projects can be seen below with a link to the abstract. Not included in the table, but no less important, were events in the exhibit hall (e.g. GLOBE staffing at the Earth Science table, and NASA Learning Area Presentations). The hard work done by the GLOBE community this past year can truly be seen in this extensive list- THANK YOU!


Abstract Title Authors URL
ED12A-02 - Adopt-a-Pixel 3km: Facilitating Collaborative Science through NASA Tools, Imagery, and Resources Peder Nelson, Russanne Low, Matteo Kimura

ED13B-04 - In the Shadow: Observing Eclipses with NASA & the GLOBE Program Kristen Weaver

ED15E-0556 - Validation of GLOBE Citizen Science Air Temperature Observations Using Data from the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 MD Ishfaq Ur Rahman, Kevin Czajkowski, Yitong Jiang, Kristen Weaver

ED15A-0520 - Broadening Access to High School Science Research Enrichment Experiences Using Cloud-Based Data Tools, Handheld Mobile Devices and Virtual Communication Technologies Russanne Low, Peder Nelson, Cassie Soeffing, Rebecca Boger, Erika Podest, Faguni Gupta, Theresa Schwerin, Margaret Baguio

ED25C-08 - Validity of Globe Observer Citizen Science By Utilizing an Experiential-Learning Model Steve Garcia

ED25B-0585 - GLOBE Mission Earth Evaluation: Design, Practice and Future Directions Nektaria Adaktylou, Svetlana Darche, Peter Garik, Jonathan Boxerman, David Padgett, UrLeaka Newsome, Janet Struble, Kevin Czajkowski;

ED41B-05 - The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Informal Education Institution (IEI) Collaborative: A Construct for Closing the Racial Achievement Gap in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Disciplines David Padgett

ED32A-10 - GLOBE Youth Geoscientists Internship Svetlana Darche, Tracy Ostrom

A35F-1706 - Use of Citizen Science Data for Validating Geostationary Satellite Cloud Detection Capabilities During the Solar Terminator Ryan Moore, Cecilia Fleeger, William Smith, Marilé Colón Robles, Jessica Taylor

ED44A-06 - Engaging students in authentic air quality research projects through collaboration with university and NASA scientists Kevin Czajkowski, Yiton Jiang, Margaret Pippen, David Padgett, Angela Rizzi, Samantha Adams, Emily Hollyday

IN35A-07 - Assessing the veracity of Citizen Science data as a method to build computational literacy and big data processing skills Vishnu Rajasekhar, Kavita Kar, Faguna Gupta, Pratham Barbaria, Peder Nelson, Russanne Low

ED45D-0756 - How Urban Teachers in a High Need School District Use GLOBE and Environmental Study to Satisfy Literacy and Next Generation Science Standards Peter Garik, Donald DeRosa, Bruce Anderson, Caleb Farny, Kathleen Johnson, Melissa Kaufman

* ED45B-0671 - Leveraging Expert Analysis to Remove Duplicates in GLOBE Mosquito Habitat Data Mireya Galvan, Kevin Balagtas, Isabella Levine, Lauren Farrar, Jose Hidalgo, Kavita Kar, Vishnu Rajasekhar, Faguni Gupta

* ED45B-0660 - Exploring the Feasibility of Mosquito Count Automation Through ImageJ Nathaniel Boateng, Ashwin Roperia, Prayag Sreenivasan, Logan Sandell, Daniela Cabrales, Micaela Geborkoff, Foluso Osoba

* ED45B-0664 - Investigating Mosquito Habitat Preferences for Tree Canopy or Building Shade in Urban Environments Alex Dziaba, Simoni Khare, Arnav Deol, Priyanka Sadagopan, Megha Sharma, Moho Goswami, Sarah Park, John Simkin

* ED45B-0631 - A Hutchinson-Based Approach to Mosquito Modeling: Predicting Mosquito Threat with Machine Learning and Edge Computing Shyam Polineni, Avi Bagchi, Govind Gnanakumar, Om Shastri, Sujay Rasamsetti, Gianna Yan, Spencer Burke

* ED45B-0639 - Analyzing Demographic Trends and Their Influence on Mosquito Source-Reduction Bill Lam, Sylvie Wurmser, Coco Nate, Amalia Nevarez, Hannah Clay, Smriti Jasti, Imron Bouley

* ED45B-0685 - Predicting and Analyzing Mosquito Danger Days Gwynlyn Hannah

* ED45B-0662 - Factors for Trap Effectiveness The Impact of Bait and Water Levels on Attracting Mosquitoes Joshua Sundet

* ED45B-0640 - Analyzing Local Land Cover Using Surrounding Data Yuvraj Sahu

* ED45B-0654 - Developing a Conceptual model to Forecast Mosquito Outbreaks William Li, Chris Ho, Asheoluwa Ajala

* ED45B-0686 - Predicting West Nile Virus Mosquito Positivity Rates and Abundance: A Comparative Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods for Epidemiological Applications Julianna Scheider, Alessandro Greco, Jillian Chang, Maria Molchanova, Luke Shao

E* D45B-0670 - Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Identify Anopheles and Non-Anopheles Mosquito Larvae Kellen Meymarian, Spencer Burke, Hannah Slocum, Jocelyn Browning, Amyn Macknojia

* ED45B-0632 - A Machine Learning Approach to the Study of Dengue Virus Outbreaks in Rio De Janeiro Over Time Aseel Rawashdeh, Aria Argus, Ria Jain, Denia Mittelman

* ED45B-0633 - A Study of Environmental Conditions associated with the 2015 Dengue Outbreak in Southeast Brazil Prayag Sreenivasan

* ED45B-0699 - The Effect of Natural Bait Type on Mosquito Oviposition in Central Virginia Paxton Calder

* ED45B-0680 - Novel Approach to Autonomous Mosquito Habitat Detection using Satellite Imagery and Convolutional Neural Networks for Disease Risk Mapping Sriram Elango, Nandini Ramachandran

* ED45B-0650 - Comparing SPR and Fluorescent contrast methods in biochemical waveguide sensors using SEES GLOBE data Anna Ager, Nicole Schmidt, Michelle Eno, Justin Lan, Andrew Kim, Corbin Adkins, Benito Esposti

* ED45B-0675 - Modeling Effects of Temperature, Precipitation, and Vegetation on West Nile Virus Outbreaks Across the US Aarush Gupta, Sadhana Kumar, Evan Shepherd

* ED45B-0649 - Comparing Rural and Suburban Ae. Albopictus Reproduction in Puerto Rico Samantha Nunez, Gabriel Cardenas

* ED45B-0678 - Mosquito Habitat Research Dallas Balentine

* ED45B-0661 - Exploring Various Environmental Aspects and Determining Their Impact on Mosquito Populations for Eco-friendly Solutions Avery Abramson, Sanjana Anand, Paige Bowman, Isabella Erfort, Aksh Iyer, Vishruth Konakanchi, Virginia Ogburn, Haran Tekle

* ED45B-0677 - Mosquito Attraction Research Dominic Lampo, Eitan Benzaquen, Andrew Quintana, Karim Elyoussef, Ethan Arroyo

* ED45B-0666 - Investigating the Relationship Between Urbanization and Mosquito Hotspots Ashika Srivastava, Uma Desai, Agnes Koury

* ED45B-0700 - The Effect of the Properties of Water Sources on Mosquito Attraction in Texas Louis Geer

A45U-2133 - A Novel Method to Assess Environmental Impact of Wildfires on Land Cover Alissa Sherbatov, Evan Hsiang, Cassie Kilburn, Joseph Ortiz, Benjamin Koppe

GC45F-0874 - Surface Temperature of Concrete and Short-Grass: A Comparative Study Elizabeth Frantz

SY51A-02 - Community-Led Citizen Science with NASA and the GLOBE Program Kristen Weaver, Holli Kohl, and Heather Mortimer

SY51A-04 - Queer Connections: How LGBTQ+ Community and Citizen Science Volunteers Perceive and Value a Sense of Community Todd Harwell, Heather Fischer, Russanne Low

ED52B-01 - Is this research? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Heather Fischer

ED52A-02 - Learning from K’keeyh: Connecting generations and multiple knowledge systems through cross cultural learning and teaching Maxine Dibert, Elena Sparrow, Malinda Chase, Christina Buffington, Katie Spellman, Nicole James

ED53B-03 - Braiding Knowledges to Effectively Support Students and Increase Climate Literacy Efforts through Effective Partnerships and Networks Bonnie Murray, Elena Sparrow, Andy Henry, Kevin Czajkowski, Stephanie Bostwick, Thayne Yazzie, Geoff Bland, Katie Spellman, Janet Struble

IN55D-12 - Creating Open-Source Automated Data Cleaning and Flagging Procedures: Examples from the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper and Land Cover Datasets Prachi Ingle, Matteo Kimura, Andrew Clark, Peder Nelson, Russanne Low

ED55H-06 - Just Ask the Kids: Climate Resilience Engagement through Dirty Snow Citizen Science Inquiry Investigations in Alaska and Montana Christina Buffington, Roben Itchoak, Carl Schmitt, Elena Sparrow, Ulyana Horodyskyj, Olivia Lee, Katja Elias

IN55E-0279 - Aligning GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper and Land Cover Citizen Science Datasets to Open Geospatial Consortium Standards Prachi Ingle, Matteo Kimura, Anne Bowser, Jonathan Fisk, Alex Long, Russanne Low, Peder Nelson

ED55D-0318 - Improving Data Quality and Reliability of Citizen Science Observations Through Model Based Reasoning Techniques Using the GLOBE Observer App John Olgin, Deana Pennington

ED55D-0316 - Real Science Investigations from the Classroom to Home Cassie Soeffing, Elizabeth Burck, Russanne Low, Theresa Schwerin

SY55A-01 - Applying a Science Products Inventory: Three Use Cases Across Earth and Space Science Laura Brandt, Elizabeth MacDonald, Heather Fischer, Alison Cawood

ED55G-0340 - Braiding Knowledges to Effectively Support Students and Broaden Participation in Geoscience through Effective Partnerships and Network Bonnie Murray, Elena Sparrow, Geoff Bland, Katie Spellman, Stephanie Bostwick, Andy Henry, Thayne Yazzie, Kevin Czajkowski, Janet Struble

News origin: United States of America